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Just A Boy and His Dog became a reality in June 2018. I have always loved dogs and one day I stumbled across an article that spoke of how dogs were getting sick. A very well known vet from New York did many months of research to see why all these dogs were getting so sick. The result was the treats that they were eating. After watching many documentaries on how dog treats are processed and what these companies do was sickening. There are no nutrients at all regardless of what the package states. Would you eat food that has a shelf life of 3 years? That day I decided to try and reach as many people as I could and offer them the best organic, all natural, no preservatives healthy homemade treats, snacks and cakes, that are affordable for everyone. Since that day I have been making treats with love for dogs of all ages, healthy and with special needs.


Our families deserve the very best!  

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Just A Boy and His Dog will help keep your dog healthy and happy with a monthly delivery of treats  every month. Tailored to your dog's size, personality, and dietary requirements. It's like endless belly rubs, only better.

Love your dog, hate the mess? Just A Boy and His Dog will thoroughly clean your yard on a regular schedule to keep it healthy and sanitary. All poop is scooped, placed in a bag and hauled away.

Since all our best buddies have different dietary needs we have a huge selection to pick from to ensure pups everywhere get fresh, premium and great tasting baked biscuits, bones, cookies, donuts, cupcakes, and cakes.

Just A Boy and His Dog is an all

natural organic pet bakery. Our treats are homemade -made with love - made to order fresh.

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