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Pauline & Luke

Founder / Baker

Before I started making the best organic treats EVER! I was an Aesthetician and make up artist for many years while I was attending UCLA. Once I received my degree I owned and operated a preschool for over 10 years. I am now a single mom of the most amazing son. Luke is now in 6th grade honor classes and is part of the National Honor Society and is an impressive soccer player.

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Our Family / The Testers

The Testers

Minx, Zucherro, Sebastian and our Midwest Tester the one and only Oliver. This great group knows what's best.

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The Baker / Nutritionist

Annette is a mom of two wonderful kids and a wonderful wife of over 20 years. After leaving a medical career she began baking healthy, all natural organic treats. She has been baking exceptional treats and serves speciality treats for dogs with all types of allergies and special dietary needs.

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